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All you can eat sushi & hibachi buffet

 Hokkaido all you can eat sushi

     Allow you choose from 100s sushi items.include sushi rolls,sushi and sashimi, are all making from fresh and higher quality fish,some are cooked,and some are fresh and higher quality raw fish,Commonly-used fish are:

  • tuna (maguro/toro)
  • yellowtail (hamachi)
  • salmon (sake)
  • smoked salmon (sake kunsei)
  • red snapper (tai)
  • mackerel (saba)

Fish is not the only meat included in sushi. Other seafood is commonly used,The can be:

  • squid (ika)
  • octopus (tako)
  • shrimp (ebi)
  • sweet shrimp (amaebi)
  • eel (unagi)
  • salmon roe (ikura)
  • flying fish roe (tobiko)
Vegetables and others:
Pickled daikon radish, fermented soybeans (natto), avocado, cucumber, tofu, pickled plum

Hokkaido all you can eat Haibachi grill 

   Offering you the finest in steak,chiken,seafood and vegitarian grill meals, prepared with the finest ingredients,and nice tasty sauce,that is the hibachi way

Price for sushi & hibachi buffet
          LUNCH BUFFET
 Mon - Sat   11:00am -3:45pm
   Adults             --  $9.99
  kids 3-6           --  $4.99
  kids 7-10         --  $6.99
        Sunday all day Buffet (NO crab legs No coupons accept on sunday buffet)
                   11:00am - 10:00pm
     Adults            --  $13.99
     kids 3-6         --  $5.99
     kids 7-8         --  $7.99
     kids 9-11       --  $9.99
Mon - Sat  3:45pm -- 10:00pm
   Adults             --  $16.99
   Kids 3-6          --  $5.99
   kids 7-8        --  $7.99
   kids 9-11      --  $9.99  
  Hokkaido Sushi &Hibachi Buffet invites you to experience the most tantalizing authentic Japanese  cuisine .
     Our everyday Buffet menu includes an assortment of cold and hot appetizers, chicken and beef teriyaki, udon (in broth) and yakisoba (pan fried), and the award-winning freshest Sushi. Teppanyaki lobster, scallops and steaks are grilled on the Hibachi.
       The Hibachi grill is a wonderful way to enjoy great food while you and your special guests are entertained by our skilled chefs.
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